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drew jensen

“We don’t make the world more beautiful through our photography, we simply show how beautiful the world is.”

The value of hard work, the importance of continuously honing in your craft, and the significance of having compassion and respect for those around you were instilled into my core from a young age.  These foundation blocks have been paramount to my progress as an artist and as a person.       

I am a detail-oriented observer, a pursuer of mastery, a coffee fiend, an outdoors enthusiast, and my wife’s prep chef. I am the third of five children, a free spirit, a dog lover, I wear button down collared shirts, and of course I bring my camera wherever I go.

Photography allows me to connect with people in a way that can’t be done through words. A photograph connects the past and present through each viewers eyes, and allows their personal interpretation to create a bond only that person can truly understand.  

Knowing how strong the connection between people can be, and the ability of a photograph to communicate that is the reason why I do what I do. As a family oriented person, I understand the significance and importance of capturing life's beautiful moments. Photography is the way I am best able to communicate and share, and I hope that is evident through my work.  It is my focus and attention to detail that allows me to tell the story of a day, show the essence of a celebration, or simply capture a moment that may have gone unnoticed. 

Having four siblings I know what it means to be flexible and understanding, while continuing to be relatable and be genuinely excited with my clients and their families.  My dedication to my craft and the essence of your day is the most important thing to me, ensuring it will be remembered for generations to come.

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