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A Walk Through Red Rocks

When you move to a place like Colorado in September, there are so many places to explore and so little time to do so!  Chelsea and I have done our best to explore as much as we can, with with what little time we have had available together.

One of the more famous places we've visited is the Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre ... what a unique sight is it!  We didn't see a concert, but rather we spent the morning walking about the enormous rock formations that are jutting our of the earth throughout the surrounding landscape.

As we meandered throughout the formations on the trail we were following, I snapped a few photos of what stood before us.  The intense sun beating down on the landscape washed out the beautiful red color of the rock, but created wonderful contrast which shows so well in B/W. There is something so magical about a B/W photograph.  Your mind interprets an image in a much simpler way, allowing you to notice detail without the distraction of color that can overwhelm the thought process.

Take a look for yourself... Are the formations any less impressive without their distinctive red hue?!  I certainly don't think so.

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